WOW....its been a while.  I looked back at the last time I posted anything on here and it was almost a YEAR AGO!!!

OMG, it was a rough semester!!!  A dear dear friend of mine passes away suddenly and very unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack at the age of 38.  Incredibly sad, he affected many people and still does to this day, I will see something or remember something and start crying.  He was very loved! 

Ok so after all the hell of burying a friend and grieving lets just say the semester was HARD!  I didn't do near as well as I had hoped and was "asked" to leave for the year.  C'est la vie! 

So NOW, the job world that hate so much is where I have to be again.  I've done the resumes, the grapevine search for jobs and everything else I can think of but no luck so far. 

GOOD NEWS:  I am starting a new phase in my life!!!  I have join WW (as much as I hate to pay someone ELSE for ME to lose weight) and a GYM!!!  Those are 2 things I never EVER thought I would do!  EVER!!!  I am not trying to lose a ton of weight even though I probably should, but I just want to get healthier.  Trying to stay away from the sugars and processed foods.  So with that, this blogger is thinking about butting a twist on this blog and making it "Getting Healthy" spot.  Just a thought.