Snow!! Snow?? Snow....

I've lived in Tennessee all my life and we've had snow, we've had ice, we've had snow and ice.....I'm not new to snow on the ground. But as other southerns know....1 in. of snow might as well be 1 ft. of snow. WE FREAK OUT!!! I personal love the snow.... on the grass!! Not the roads, not the sidewalks or anywhere else that it will prevent me from getting to where I want to go. Why can't the snow only fall on the grass?? Why won't it work with us on this?? Its just rude!! RUDE SNOW!! :p


Betty Crocker or Betty Page??

I'm hungry!!

A friend of mine was blogging about her cooking 3 or 4 meals ahead and freezing them so she doesn't have to cook on some nights (she homeschools her 3 kids). And this got me to thinking....would I rather be Betty Crocker, making wonderful meals and being a perfect hostess or Betty Page, with no clue how to boil water much less a souffle but she knew just what to do in the bedroom.

Now I love to bake and cooking is ok. I do LOVE to play hostess!! I love all the morals and ideals that come the era of the 1940s and 50s housewife. I even love the clothes. But would I want to cook meals from scratch 2 to 3 times a day.
No ..... I love my microwave too much!!

I'm also intrigued with the Betty Pages' of the world too. The good looking women that know how to turn a man's head (I've never had that ability in my life) and make him drool. Not necessarily all the sex and domination that is associated with Ms. Page but the sex appeal that she became so famous for.
No ..... I don't want to do that either .... that means I would have to wear makeup everyday and not sweatpants!

I guess I'll just be me and be happy about it.


Making a change.....

Being an aspiring Historian, I'm curious about alot of different cultures and periods of time of history. So in history class today my professor talks about looking around for internships and volunteering at the library or historical places. OK!! My hometown history is very interesting to me however, there is not historical society that I know of, no museums or historical places. SO!! I'm going to start doing some research!! I'm going to find something that is fascinating and provocative about this town .... even if it kills me! :p Times like this I wish my Grandmother was still alive. She was full of history and fun stories. I wish that I had paid more attention and taken notes when she would start telling her stories.


I sure do love my son....

Garrett, my 10 year old boy, was told to get ready for school this morning and his reply was "I'm wearing my overalls and you can't stop me". He thought that I would tell him NO and was gearing up for a battle of wills. But I just laughed and said "ok" and he started arguring with me saying that I wasn't going to stop him cause he loved his overalls and that is what he was going to wear! After I didn't comment back, he looked a bit puzzled and then looked at me. I just smiled and said "Ok, I didn't say you couldn't wear them." I think I've finally figured out my child. Just don't argue with him...and it will all be OK.

LOL.....fat chance of that happening!!


I have the BEST FRIENDS ever!!!

So after my ranting earlier I called a few girlfriends of mine to get some feedback. They are the best. After they all threatened me with my life if I let him mess up my grades at school and cause me to drop out or worse...flunk out, I realized that I am the only one that can make me happy and make sure that no one messes that up for me.

So now that I have decided what to do with my issue of the week. I want to thank my best friends, Trish, Jamie, and Lacey for all the help, advice, love and support they give me everyday and through every pothole that I seem to step in.

I love my gal pals!! You Rock!

What was I thinking??

So I decided to try...once again...to work on the marriage that I'm stuck in for some unknown reason. And so far I am terribly disappointed. I know that marriage is something that has to be worked on everyday and its not easy. But OMG....this weekend has been horrible! He was drunk when I got home from class on Friday and was ready for a full fledged fighting mode.

Last night was my best friends birthday party and once again....he's drinking. I'm tired of the fights, I'm tired of the drinking, I'm tired.....I'm freaking tired of it all!!

Ok...I'm done.

So how was your weekend?? :p