My beautiful son.....Garrett

This past weekend my son was blessed at his Grandma Nita's church.  Even though I have my own issues with that particular church, he seems to like going there.  So I agreed to this blessing.  When it was over he came back and sat with me and asked if I had a piece of paper.  Well all I could find was the church program so I gave him that.  He started writing on the back of it like most kids do during the sermon. But what he wrote was the sweetest thing.  He said "On this day I was blessed by ............. and I feel like a whole new person."  I'm a very lucky mom to have a son that is so sweet, loving, and cares so much about his family and friends.


I have discovered....

that I have a fabulous husband!!  I know in the begining of this blog I was complaining about him.  And there are still times that I want to ring his neck but I have come to appreciate him more.  Yes, when I'm in class he is on his computer or taking a nap or checking on his mother.  The dishes aren't getting done, the laundry is still in the floor and the bath tub still has a ring around it.  BUT.... he is always there for me when I need him to make me feel better about my self, to reassure me that me going back to college is NOT a huge ass mistake, and to cook all the meals so I don't have too!  : p  No I don't get showered with flowers and jewlery but I know that he loves me with all his heart and soul.  And thats all that matters to me!!