Remembering Grandma today...

I been thinking about my Grandma Duke today. She was an interesting woman. I wish I had payed more attention to things she did and said when I was younger. She was a fabulous cook and very family oriented.

We would go to her house on Sundays after she went to church and have a wonderful lunch that she cooked ..... usually from scratch ..... of Goulash or Barbecue Chicken in a paper bag with Green Beans, Creamed Corn, and Coconut Cake. That was the lunches I remember most. Her version of Goulash was alot like Spaghetti but different. I would give anything for that recipe. She made the best Coconut Cake and Homemade Boiled Custard for Christmas.

When I was really young and we would go over for dinner or lunch and I usually didn't like what she had spent all day cooking so she would make me Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Dad would fuss at her and ask her why she didn't do that for him when he was little. She said "Cause you weren't my Grandchild."

On weekends that I would spend the night she would spoil me and let me do things like bake cookies and pies and cause I was little she had a stool that I had to stand on so I could reach the counter tops. She let me have cereal for breakfast that Mom had forbid which I always thought was funny. I hated the TV shows that she would watch. They were boring back then. I never saw her watch anything but Hee Haw, Lawernce Welck, the Andy Griffin Show or some preacher.

I miss the old ways that she would do things, the old aprons that she wore and the way that her house smelled. And the lesson that I have learned from these memories is to pay more attention to my Mom and Mom-n-law so that when I miss them, I will have better memories of their ways and not wish I had done better. And when I become a Grandma....to make sure I spoil them just like she did me.


Happy Valentine's Day!!

I wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day too all my friends in Bloggerland!! I hope Cupid has found you your one true love.


Today in History.....

These are just a few things that happened today in history:

1858: Virgin Mary appeared to St. Bernadette in Lourdes, France

1916: Emma Goldman was arrested for lecturing and distributing Birth Control Information

1990: Nelson Mandela was released from his South African prision after 27 years


Do you ever get in a funk?

I seem too get into that funk alot more now, than I did when I was younger. Is this another wonderful GIFT from the Old Age Fairy??
More mood swings, more cravings, less energy, less time to do things, more crap to do and less patients for stupid people.
WHY?? Who did we piss off??? Who hates old people that much?? I would think that Mother Nature would be kinder to us ..... she's not exactly a spring chicken herself!!


Men and their Razors

So my husband is shaving his face and breaks his razor. He asked me if I had an extra one and I told him where they where ..... and then told him that there is one in the shower if he can't find a new one.

OMG ..... you would think that I had asked him to shave his face with a rock! After telling me all the reason to NEVER use one of the razors I use on my legs, he goes on to tell our 10 yr old son why he should for no reason EVER use a woman's razor to shave.

And so it begins, one of LIFE'S LESSONS that Garrett will learn from his Dad.


Stupid People.....

PISS ME OFF!!! You choose not to educate yourself that your choice. But you don't have to prove to everyone you meet that your stupid! Some dude passed me on the Dyersburg highway yesterday and he had a sticker on the bumper of his truck that said "LIFT IT - FAT CHICKS CAN'T JUMP".
Now really .... ?? I'm a fat chick and could have easily jumped into his dumb ass truck! That sticker didn't prove a thing other than how much of a stupid, ignorant bigamist that he truly is.

This is something that I posted on a social network in 2007 and I wanted to post it here too....

"Now I know that some people don't think that the words BEAUTIFUL and FAT should not be used in the same sentence together, let alone to describe someone.

I know that socially we as people are taught to think that THIN is BEAUTIFUL and FAT is UGLY. Thin is not the only way to be beautiful, attractive, seductive or hot.

FAT is an adjective, a way to describe something or someone. NOT a curse. NOT a plague. NOT a handicap. Its just a 3 letter word to say that something is not small, thin, tiny or petite. DO NOT let these 3 letters ruin your life."