20th Class Reunion

So this weekend was my 20th class reunion.  Reluctanly I went. 

Some of these people I see all the time here in town, others I hadn't seen in years or even since graduation.  And the few people that I really wanted to see, cause I had't seen them in years, didn't make it. 

It brough back many memories .... some good .... some not so good.  Amazed at how I felt about being there.  Why is it that people that you hadn't associated with in years, that you have grown away from or never had anything to do with can still make you feel just like you were high school all over again?  Everyone hung out with their "Click" and the ones that were buttholes then are still buttholes even today.  Don't get me wrong, I had a really good time, just astonished by the ones that hadn't changed in 20 years.  Somethings will never change I guess.

I was glad to see my marching band friends.....and where our lives have taken us.  Surprised by most of them, not so by others and interested where we will all be when the 30th rolls around.

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