And so it begins.......

Recipe Challenge #1:  Broccoli Ham & Rice Casserole

My best friends Mom was diagnosed with cancer last week and I have been wanting to do something for her cause she is such a sweet kind hearted woman.  
I decided to make her something that she can freeze or eat now, so I searched threw my FAT CHICK FOODS on Pinterest and found a Cheesy Ham Broccoli Rice Bake.  
I did have to tweak it a bit cause I didn't have some of the things that it called for.  

Here's what I made!  :P  

So I didn't have can of cheese soup it called for so I sub shreeded cheese.  It was wonderfully easy to make and something that can really be stretched out for more people.  
I think this was the best HBC casserole that I have ever made.  

Well one down.....

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