Men and their Razors

So my husband is shaving his face and breaks his razor. He asked me if I had an extra one and I told him where they where ..... and then told him that there is one in the shower if he can't find a new one.

OMG ..... you would think that I had asked him to shave his face with a rock! After telling me all the reason to NEVER use one of the razors I use on my legs, he goes on to tell our 10 yr old son why he should for no reason EVER use a woman's razor to shave.

And so it begins, one of LIFE'S LESSONS that Garrett will learn from his Dad.


  1. lovely!!! ha ha!

    well... atleast he didn't do what spencer did one time:

    spencer lost his nose hair trimmers.... and decided to sue MYYYYYYYYYYY eyebrow tweezers to PLUCK his nasty, crusty nose hairs!!!!!!

  2. about my above typo:
    was supposed to be


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