Stupid People.....

PISS ME OFF!!! You choose not to educate yourself that your choice. But you don't have to prove to everyone you meet that your stupid! Some dude passed me on the Dyersburg highway yesterday and he had a sticker on the bumper of his truck that said "LIFT IT - FAT CHICKS CAN'T JUMP".
Now really .... ?? I'm a fat chick and could have easily jumped into his dumb ass truck! That sticker didn't prove a thing other than how much of a stupid, ignorant bigamist that he truly is.

This is something that I posted on a social network in 2007 and I wanted to post it here too....

"Now I know that some people don't think that the words BEAUTIFUL and FAT should not be used in the same sentence together, let alone to describe someone.

I know that socially we as people are taught to think that THIN is BEAUTIFUL and FAT is UGLY. Thin is not the only way to be beautiful, attractive, seductive or hot.

FAT is an adjective, a way to describe something or someone. NOT a curse. NOT a plague. NOT a handicap. Its just a 3 letter word to say that something is not small, thin, tiny or petite. DO NOT let these 3 letters ruin your life."



  1. Haha he is lucky it was you... I probably would have rammed him....

    enjoy your blog !

  2. I have seen that same truck and the bumper sticker caught my attention, and I thought it was so crude. I'm shocked his truck is still in one piece.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!


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