I have discovered....

that I have a fabulous husband!!  I know in the begining of this blog I was complaining about him.  And there are still times that I want to ring his neck but I have come to appreciate him more.  Yes, when I'm in class he is on his computer or taking a nap or checking on his mother.  The dishes aren't getting done, the laundry is still in the floor and the bath tub still has a ring around it.  BUT.... he is always there for me when I need him to make me feel better about my self, to reassure me that me going back to college is NOT a huge ass mistake, and to cook all the meals so I don't have too!  : p  No I don't get showered with flowers and jewlery but I know that he loves me with all his heart and soul.  And thats all that matters to me!!


  1. I would still whoop his but to do the dishes... LOL

  2. Awww ♥ This is such a sweet post!! ♥ I am so happy that you & your hubby love each other and that he is supporting you in your schooling!


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