Betty Crocker or Betty Page??

I'm hungry!!

A friend of mine was blogging about her cooking 3 or 4 meals ahead and freezing them so she doesn't have to cook on some nights (she homeschools her 3 kids). And this got me to thinking....would I rather be Betty Crocker, making wonderful meals and being a perfect hostess or Betty Page, with no clue how to boil water much less a souffle but she knew just what to do in the bedroom.

Now I love to bake and cooking is ok. I do LOVE to play hostess!! I love all the morals and ideals that come the era of the 1940s and 50s housewife. I even love the clothes. But would I want to cook meals from scratch 2 to 3 times a day.
No ..... I love my microwave too much!!

I'm also intrigued with the Betty Pages' of the world too. The good looking women that know how to turn a man's head (I've never had that ability in my life) and make him drool. Not necessarily all the sex and domination that is associated with Ms. Page but the sex appeal that she became so famous for.
No ..... I don't want to do that either .... that means I would have to wear makeup everyday and not sweatpants!

I guess I'll just be me and be happy about it.


  1. Girl, leave it to you to put a twist on things! LOL, I love how you always have an interesting view! I'm enjoying your blog. Keep on writing :)

    and i know you've turned a few heads sista & men think you are sexy! After all... you DID get pregnant-- which doesnt just HAPPEN spontaneously :)

  3. you would be surprised how some people get pregnate!! :p but thanks!


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