What was I thinking??

So I decided to try...once again...to work on the marriage that I'm stuck in for some unknown reason. And so far I am terribly disappointed. I know that marriage is something that has to be worked on everyday and its not easy. But OMG....this weekend has been horrible! He was drunk when I got home from class on Friday and was ready for a full fledged fighting mode.

Last night was my best friends birthday party and once again....he's drinking. I'm tired of the fights, I'm tired of the drinking, I'm tired.....I'm freaking tired of it all!!

Ok...I'm done.

So how was your weekend?? :p

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  1. well charlene... crap.
    i hate it that you are going through this... i've been there & done that, too. Not with spencer....it was with another guy before spencer.
    the other guy not only drank he smoked {which i think stinks really bad} PLUS he did all drugs imaginable. ALL of them... and not only that.. HE was a big DEALER of those drugs. it was not pretty. at all.
    I got out of that relationship cuz i just couldnt take that crap no mo.. and i was tired of it.. and i knew it would not be good for libby. {he is libby's biological father}

    But YOU are the only one who can decide when Enough is enough. Good luck... i know its hard.


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